Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tudor and Cuckoo Trails

Oto relacja z naszych niedawnych dwóch rowerowych wypadów za miasto. Mamy swoją przyczepkę!

I was lucky enough to admire views like the ones below over two weeks ago.
And no, it wasn't in London. 
Remember how much fun I had with Szymek in his bike trailer the other day? That day my parents bought our own trailer and we hit the road. 
The Tudor Trail in Kent was exactly what we needed. Fields, lakes, plenty of birdlife and fresh air. We agreed we might go back one day and visit the nearby castle.
The next day I invited Charlotte to keep me company in the trailer and... 
off we went!
The Cuckoo Trail in East Sussex looked like this most of the time.
Can you name the animals in the above pictures?
Lots of sunshine, yay!
My two companions in the trailer.
This is how much Charlotte's parents enjoyed the cycling and... the breaks. The adults also had a chocolate break but I wasn't supposed to tell about it.
Posing with Daddy on the trail. 

Szymek's mum is asking if we are doing the London to Brighton bike ride next... We might actually do it... one day. :-)

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