Friday, 14 March 2014

Warsaw's top child-friendly cafes

Oto moja osobista lista najlepszych kawiarenek dla dzieci w Warszawie. :-)

During our stay in Poland, we spent three days in Warsaw and we visited ... three child-friendly cafes. So yes, that means one cafe per day. :-) The city is full of them.
Pompon has great wooden apparatus to explore, especially the massive slide that I could climb up all by myself. Nan was very impressed. And sliding down was amazing! By the way, mummy and daddy were extremely happy to be able to order their favourite Indian mango lassi there.
Kredka (Crayon) is the cafe where I met my dear cousins. It
has lots of hidden areas where older kids meet up. I had fun driving a car around.
Kalimba is very colourful, has plenty of toys and a round staircase leading up to a hidden playhouse.
Can we just stay here a little longer, please? :-)