Monday, 28 April 2014

Little Acre and the Forest of Dean

Oto mała relacja z przemiłego urlopu w pensjonacie dziadków Charlotte blisko Walii. Był wspaniały ogród, owce, karmniki, domki na drzewach, traktory i rowery w lesie w drodze powrotnej. Sami zobaczcie.

Time for a short holiday!
Two weeks ago we drove all the way to Herefordshire to pay Charlotte's grandparents a visit. They own a beautiful, old bed and breakfast surrounded by fields. It's the countryside where they live so there are sheep, bird feeders, tree houses and... tractors where they live. You can read more about the cottage here.
In the magic garden of Nicola and Jeffrey.
Baa Baa!
With daddy way up in the tree.
Tractor racing with Charlotte.
On the way back, we stopped in the nearby Forest of Dean and went for a bike ride. 
There were quite a few pebbles on the trail so it was a bit bumpy but I still enjoyed the trip.
Just a word of warning from my parents if you were to do the same thing - since forests are fairly wild and your mobile signal is often less than perfect, always check what time the car park closes when you're cycling. You might get carried away and have to rush all the way back to the car park like crazy just to find out that... it's open 24/7! :-)

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