Friday, 16 May 2014

My first words

Poznajcie moje pierwsze słowa: mama, tata, baba, dzici (dzieci), Maya (tak się nazywa nasza sąsiadka), ato (auto), ako (oko), tap tap (butki), kapka (kupka), apa (iPad), kak (kask), cieciecie (cieciorka, z której robimy mój ulubiony humus) i inne.

My favourite words are "mama" and "tata" of course. :-) However, I've been adding more and more words to the list in the last few weeks. If I like the sound of the word, I will try to repeat it my way. You can only imagine how much my parents love these attempts. I have grouped my newly learnt vocabulary by category. Oh, and by the way, you will understand this post better if you can speak Polish. Sorry!


When Nan pays us a visit or when we chat on Skype, I call her "baba" and she is very chuffed. When I see children, I say "dzici", which sounds almost like dzieci, the Polish word for "children". I also like to pronounce my neighbour's name, Maya. It's a lot of fun to see her on the balcony nearly every day or go for a walk in the park together.


A banana is also "baba", a car is "ato", an eye is "ako", shoes are "tap tap" and poo is "kapka". iPads and iPhones are "apa". You know we cycle a lot, right? One of my favourite words and objects is "kak" (kask - helmet). As we have houmous every week, I learnt to say "cieciecie" for cieciorka (chickpeas). 

Sound words

If I taste something nice, I murmur "mmm". "A ku" means a ku ku (peek-a-boo). When someone goes away, I wave and say "pa pa" (or "bye bye").

Action words

I say "ap" all the time when I want someone to open something for be, be it a box, a door or a wallet. My parents have absolutely no idea where I got it from, nor do I.

English words

I have said a couple of those as well. :-) When we were visiting Charlotte's grandparents, they had bird feeders outside the b&b so we saw birds there all the time. People were saying "birds" a lot and so I tried to copy them with "bir". Our room was upstairs and we had to go downstairs a few times daily. While climbing down the stairs, I was saying "dow" with every step. And then there is "Row Row Row Your Boat", the well-known nursery rhyme:

Row, row, row your boat 
(I start off with the first three words and action)
Gently down the stream.
And if you see a crocodile
Don't forget to scream Ahhhhh! 
(This bit I do myself. If you could only hear me!)