Friday, 23 May 2014

Nature Play

Wczoraj byłam w lesie...

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The woods. Here's where I went yesterday. :-)
This was our second time in Sydenham Hill Wood where a group of nature play enthusiasts meet up regularly throughout the whole year, come rain or shine.
Szymek was also there and we started off with some snacks which included grapes, raisins and my favourite sugar snaps.
What makes a good entertainer? Ask Szymek.
Then it was time to explore the woods.
We discovered things on the way.
We tried to go over and under.
After Szymek was gone, we were joined by Oskar and his mum. We all bumped into each other at a baby cafe in Woolwich a few months ago and have met a few times since.
Our mummies let us move through the forest on our own so we could focus on free play and developing important skills. It wasn't always easy and sometimes even impossible but just being able to practise log climbing by ourselves felt wonderful as well as powerful! This is exactly what uninterrupted play is about.
We liked it so much in the woods that we stayed behind maybe a little too long and therefore, we experienced our first storm on the way back. There was lightning and you could hear thunder not far away but we were not scared.
And then came the puddles and the wellies. We wanted to stay there forever. 
What a fabulous day!

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