Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nice weather

Zmienia się pogoda a wraz z nią nasze ubrania. Aha, nastroje dopisują przez cały czas!

Did you make good use of the nice weather this weekend? We did! Notice the difference in clothing before and after.
That's Box Hill in Surrey two weeks ago. It was sunny but very windy! Daddy's riding up the hill with a baby in a trailer was a true achievement.
Over a week ago by the pond in our local park. I was wearing an anorak! Can you spot the duck?
Last Monday on our terrace. It was sunny-cloudy-rainy but warm enough to practise yoga there. There were four mums and five toddlers altogether so it was a bit maniac. I was helping mummy of course.
Today in the park. It was boiling hot so we were all barefoot. Grass feels great. By the way, mummy was wearing a garland she made for me to wear at May Fair at a local school. We went there this morning and I wore the garland the whole ... two seconds.
This is how pleased I was with the sunshine.

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