Monday, 26 May 2014

Wooden playground

O tym, że odkryliśmy obok drewniany plac zabaw i że mogłabym spędzać na pewnej drabinie całe godziny.

Recommended link here.

We had no idea there's such a cool wooden playground close to where we live. Maya, our neighbour, told me about it the other day and I knew we had to try it out as soon as possible.
It's so much fun! I'm sure we'll be there all the time from now on. I really need to share the new discovery with all my friends!
This fantastic ladder is my favourite part of the playground. Once you start climbing, you can't stop.
 You just go up and up.
Then you reach the top of the ladder.
From there you can admire the new perspective.
Watermelon break.
I could spend hours on that ladder. :-)


  1. Hello, Natalie. I'd just like to wish you (and your proud parents) a very happy dzień dziecka xxx

  2. Thank you, dear Auntie! We had a lovely day together with Babcia. I'm actually working on the next post about it. Oh, and I liked the Papapa/Mamama bit of that song a lot! :-) Lots of love xx