Sunday, 29 June 2014

A year and a half

Do you know how old I am? A year and a half today! :-)
Things I like: cats and squirrels, my cat T-shirt, my doll and her little pram, my picture books, bike helmets, sugar snaps and green beans, strawberries, pretend play with bowls and spoons, slides, water and many more!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Looking for a squirrel

On one of our local bike rides we discovered a tiny park that we all fell in love with. You can't cycle through it but there are little fluffy creatures that like to have a nut or two so we keep going back there.
Do you know what animal I am talking about?
I was looking for them high and low.
Finally I spotted one after a longer while.
It was high up the tree, eyeing me.
It came down and eagerly nibbled a few nuts. I had a lot of fun feeding it.
But then it was gone and I felt a bit sad.
I wanted to know what the nuts taste like so I tried a couple. They are actually quite good.
After that daddy picked me up and we all went back home by bike.

Charlotte's garden

Last weekend the weather was quite nice and so we went to Charlotte's garden for a bbq. It was good to catch up with her and Gabriel as we don't see each other that often anymore.
Charlotte got a new slide recently so I had to see how it works. It's brilliant!
There were lovely attractions prepared for us, which included a bubble machine and a colourful tunnel.
But I guess the most exciting thing for me was getting to know Charlotte's two cats. I watched them, stroke them and even put my hands in their water and sand. They are very interesting creatures.
It's summer so you need to stuff yourselves with strawberries, of course. This is exactly what we do on a regular basis. I'm sure you do, too. :-)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Picking up daddy

Do you remember my very old post about picking up daddy after work? I was a tiny baby back then and had to travel in my buggy to the station.
Those days are gone! Now I can go from one place to another using other means of transport and I'm very pleased about that.
 On my way.
By the way, that bag contains a wet nappy, which I chose to bring with me outside. Just helping my parents around the house a little.
If we are lucky, we come across one of the local cats. I love them so much and like to spend a long time just staring at them.
Everything is interesting. Can you tell what those two men are doing?
Then we see a playground - a perfect place for a toddler! We have to make a stop here.
There are other children here.
Children and balls.
I am quickly back on my bike if I can see someone else wants to have a go.
I am into everything. 
I am so carried away that I don't even get to the station on time. Fortunately daddy finds me at the playground.
I get home carried by daddy. The best means of transport if you want to know. :-)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Yoga on the terrace

Can you guess what these people are doing on our terrace? :-)
I will tell you. Every Monday for the last few weeks we have been hosting yoga sessions for mums and play sessions for babies. There is usually more play than yoga but we all try to keep the balance right. Kind of.
There is always an empty mat as ...
... sometimes we just need to be close to our mummies!
Meanwhile, in the kitchen babies are up to all sorts of things.
The vibes are great and everybody has a good time. I love our terrace Mondays!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Oxleas Meadow

O rodzinnej wyprawie rowerowej i spacerze z wózkami w międzynarodowym towarzystwie na pobliską łąkę. O mojej nowej fascynacji wózkami dla lalek i kapelusikami. 

Last Sunday we decided to cycle to Oxleas Meadow, which is maybe only 20 minutes from where we live but you have to go uphill and that is not easy. Especially when you get lost and have to climb the hill twice!
However, the view you get once you've arrived is so amazing you quickly forget the struggle.
There is a cafe on top of the meadow but we had to move away as far as possible as there was a band playing outside and it was simply too loud for me.
There was a lot to explore!
We liked it so much there that mummy and I happily went there again this morning with a bunch of other mums and babies. This time we stayed by the cafe for some time before heading downhill to have a picnic under the tree.
There were five mums and six babies altogether and the languages we spoke were the following: Romanian, Italian, German, English and Polish. We live in London after all. :-)
The best activities for me included talking a doll's pram for a walk and putting on and off a hat.
But I wasn't the only one who was obsessed with a hat. The straw hat above belongs to William and the pink one Juliet is wearing is mine.
And here I am signing "dog" as every now and then you could see dogs passing by. They are very interesting creatures.
I had a great relaxing day out today. Hope you are also making good use of the weather, dear friends and family. :-)