Tuesday, 3 June 2014

2nd Children's Day

Oto zdjęcia z mojego drugiego już Dnia Dziecka. Tym razem wybraliśmy się do centrum opowiadania bajek. Była bajka, wigwam, klejenie, przebieranki, drewniana taksówka, ksylofon i mnóstwo zabawy...

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1st June is a special day for many children all over the world, though not all of them are aware of that here in the UK. It looks like we will be celebrating Children's Day every year one way or another as my parents always look for an excuse to do fun things with me. :-)
So this year we went to Discover's Storytelling Children Centre in Stratford, which has a beautiful playground and great props to play with, such as the wigwam above. Peek-a-boo!
You can do a little art project, listen to a story or just play there.
Don't forget to dress up!
The wooden playground is lots of fun, too.
Wait, who is playing the xylophone using both drumsticks?
 The future Ringo Starr.

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