Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Auntie Basia and sugar snaps

Oto parę wspomnień z niedawnej wizyty Cioci Basi z Warszawy. Były spacery, parki, siłownie na świeżym powietrzu, zabawy, kawiarnie, groszek i pizza. Bardzo fajny czas!

I was very lucky recently. Not only did Nan come to visit us but she also brought Auntie Basia along. She came only briefly but we managed to do a few nice things together.
One day we went for a walk to the picturesque village of Blackheath and sat there for a coffee, tea and cake (Auntie, Nan and mum) and sugar snaps (just me). Mum had no idea Auntie could order food in English like a pro! Just in case you haven't noticed, in the picture above I'm actually sitting in a full-sized chair as I couldn't be bothered with a high chair.
The next day we chilled out on a blanket in Greenwich Park and then hung out in the town centre. That pizza was so yummy I didn't leave a slice. :-)
We also managed to spend a little time in our park together. Some of us enjoyed the swings in the playground, others enjoyed the workout in the outdoor gym.

Hope to see you either in London or in Warsaw soon, Auntie!

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