Thursday, 12 June 2014


Kilka zdjęć z niedawnej wizyty Babci. Dużo się razem bawiłyśmy, przeczytałyśmy chyba wszystkie moje książeczki, ciągle chodziłyśmy do parku, nawet gdy padało, a także odwiedziłyśmy drewniany plac zabaw. Dziękuję za przednią zabawę, Babciu!

Just a few photos from Nan's recent visit. It's always wonderful to have her around! We played lots together, read all my books over and over again and went to the park, even when it rained a bit.
I showed Nan how I whizz through the flat on my bike.
I am getting attached to that doll Nan gave me a while back. I have been giving her water, walking with her around the flat and even taking her for a walk in the park.
Nan discovered that pointing to body parts is one of my favourite things to do.
We also went to the wooden playground I wrote about lately. It was completely empty so we had it all to ourselves. Thank you, Baba, for all the fun we had together! xx

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