Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Picking up daddy

Do you remember my very old post about picking up daddy after work? I was a tiny baby back then and had to travel in my buggy to the station.
Those days are gone! Now I can go from one place to another using other means of transport and I'm very pleased about that.
 On my way.
By the way, that bag contains a wet nappy, which I chose to bring with me outside. Just helping my parents around the house a little.
If we are lucky, we come across one of the local cats. I love them so much and like to spend a long time just staring at them.
Everything is interesting. Can you tell what those two men are doing?
Then we see a playground - a perfect place for a toddler! We have to make a stop here.
There are other children here.
Children and balls.
I am quickly back on my bike if I can see someone else wants to have a go.
I am into everything. 
I am so carried away that I don't even get to the station on time. Fortunately daddy finds me at the playground.
I get home carried by daddy. The best means of transport if you want to know. :-)

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