Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Very hot weekend

Yes, it was a very hot weekend. No wonder we spent it all visiting parks by bike. On Saturday we cycled all the way to Crystal Palace, which was a bit of a challenge. There are no pictures from that day though as the moment we got there, it started to pour down with rain and we only managed to see the famous dinosaurs auntie Liz was telling us about very briefly.
The next day we visited one of our favourite parks in Eltham. My parents like it a lot as it is very spacious and you can cycle there.
What's more, in the middle of the park there's a little cafe serving delicious jacket potatoes, which we always have.
This time we showed the park to my parents' friend who is staying with us this month.
Daniel can make music with bottles and glasses and is very funny. I hope to spend some time with his three children when they have moved over to London after the summer.
While mum and dad are playing table tennis or badmington, I try to be helpful and catch the shuttlecocks or balls and sometimes give them back.
Hope you've been drinking plenty of water and eating juicy fruit these days.

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