Monday, 25 August 2014

A lovely afternoon in Leamington Spa

Summer Bank Holiday weekend is finished. We decided to spend it with auntie Natalia in Banbury. Sadly, the girls and uncle Tomek were away this time. In order to cheer ourselves up, on Sunday we drove to a most beautiful park in Leamington Spa.
There were squirrels, maple noses and a lake there, though I admit that not everyone wanted to go on a boat!
I always look for interesting sticks and pebbles.
Some time later we bumped into a band who played swing songs so I couldn't help myself dancing and clapping. There were plenty of elderly people sitting in folding camping chairs, sunbathing and rocking to the music like me.
Auntie Natalia and I played with a stick and I have a feeling she may have enjoyed it more than me. :-)

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