Tuesday, 30 September 2014

An afternoon in our park

You must have realised that autumn is coming. Our park is still very green but you start to notice brown leaves here and there.
Fortunately, the weather's been brilliant this whole month and we've had a chance to spend quite a few very warm afternoons here.
This time we didn't go to the playground as we often do but we chose to do some ball catching, throwing and kicking instead.
Then we said hello to the birds at the pond.
I was watching some ducks and geese when daddy took this photo. They always amaze me.
You need a rest after chasing a couple of pigeons, don't you?
We both treasure these moments.
 A lot!
Finally it is time to go back home. But it won't be long before we're back. We're always back.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Majorcan fun

I had a fabulous time on a holiday! What did we do?
We admired beautiful views.
We splashed in the sea and the pool.
We had sand muffins on the beach.
We cycled.
We walked in the woods.
We had a great time.
I was sad that eventually we had to go back.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The fete

Two weeks ago we went to a local village style fete.
It was a fun-packed day! 
I loved the train so much I had to go on it twice.
Choo choo!

That day I also met my neighbour Kanishka who I hadn't seen for ages. It was good to say hello to each other again and... play some snooker. The rules weren't very clear to us but it didn't stop us from giving it a try. Our way. :-)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Forest people

Here is a handful of photos from our favourite place.
Free play, yay!
 There is always lots of climbing in the woods.
 I have a big stick!
It's good to be able to explore this place with friends.
You might find it hard to believe but I climbed up the folly all by myself. Also, she just told me how to get down and again I did without her help.
 Another fabulous day in the woods!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Tall ships on the Thames

Recommended link here.

Tuesday was the last day to see the ships taking part in the Tall Ships Festival in Royal Greenwich. We managed to get to Woolwich just in time to see the final parade of sail and here are some pictures of what the Thames looked like that day.
Crowds gathered to say goodbye to the ships.                      

We didn't catch a glimpse of Dar Mlodziezy, which is a famous Polish ship, but we had a good look at the JR Tolkien from the Netherlands and a few other ships.
Maybe next year we will book a cruise during the festival.

Watching the parade was fine but I was way more interested in berries and pebbles as you can see. Each to their own. :-)