Sunday, 26 October 2014

Private park in central London

When we see leaves in these colours, it's hard to pretend autumn isn't here yet. Still, we try to make good use of good weather and enjoy the outdoors whenever we can.
So yesterday we drove all the way to Holland Park in central London in order to have a picnic with auntie Kully.
It was an interesting place as the little park we went to is private so there was hardly anyone there.
Fortunately I found some older girls to play with later but then they said bye-bye and went home. I kept on saying, 'girls', 'bye-bye' and 'home' (dziecinki, bye-bye, domku) to my parents quite a few times afterwards.
In this partucular photo, you can see me running as fast as I can to get my scooter that another boy had borrowed earlier.
This slide was the best!
Even though mummy wore a jacket, I felt ok just wearing a dress and a top.

Our little picnic. In case you're wondering, I didn't try that sparkling drink in those tall glasses!

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