Saturday, 29 November 2014

Afternoon in our woods

This afternoon I decided to take Nan for a walk to Oxleas Wood. 
It was sunny, calm and we all got a bit muddy.
I climbed a few logs and trees.
I worked on my balance.
I ran down a muddy slope.
I found a tiny spider.
I learnt that holly is spiky.
I even found a slide in the forest.
Daddy was taking photos. 
He took some lovely close-ups.
Being here simply makes us happy.
Guess what! Together with Oskar and his mum we will be running a regular Nature Play group for parents and children in the woods starting this Friday. We are very excited!
One more thing. I'll turn two in a month's time! :-)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Time with Nan

Nan has been staying with us for a week, yay! 

We have been to the library and the park quite a few times, visited a lovely local cafe, read a zillion of books and played many games together.
 I am very happy!
Finger and foot printing.

I am not the only one who dabbed their toes in paint.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Visiting grandpa Tadzio

Can you guess where I went last week?
Yes, it was a little bit freezing!
Ok, I'll tell you. We paid a flying visit to the Three Cities in Poland. And the main reason was that I wanted to see my grandpa!
We spent only three days together but we had such a great time.
One day we walked a lot so someone needed a lift.
Sharing a book before our flight back home. Precious moments...
With grandpa and auntie Ania at the airport. Thank you for having us! See both of you in London next time. :-)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The hottest day of the summer

I know we're in the middle of autumn but it shouldn't prevent us from remembering the hottest day of the summer. 
There were feet in the pool.
There were arms in the pool.
One balcony, one pool and three toddlers equals great fun!
Splish, splash, splosh!
I had to censor a few of these photos so we got some funny crops, such as this one with a teepee.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Farm visit

Here is a few photos from today's farm trip below if you'd like to see.
The cows were mooing and the pigs were grunting. We managed to stroke a guinea pig!
There were other exciting things to do, such as using a step stool and washing hands. You get to do a lot of hand washing on the farm.
Muddy puddles, here I come!
Kaja and Lena had to chase after the birthday boy to give him presents.
He accepted them eventually. Happy reading, Ajksa!
Hope you've had a fab day. x