Friday, 7 November 2014


It was Oskar's birthday yesterday and tomorrow we are going to celebrate it with a bunch of friends. 
We usually meet up a few times a week. You can always see us in parks running away from our mummies.
We go to a Steiner playgroup together and we make bread, have soup and sing there. We also climb up the stairs inside the wooden cottage and wave through the window to our mummies. Recently we discovered wind chimes in the garden.
We try to help our mummies during their yoga sessions, which sometimes turns out to be quite of a... erm... mess. :-)

We are forest buddies.

During our walks we get excited about gates, staircases, rubbish and massive tree stumps.
We discover how the world works from unusual angles.
Hopping on the bus with Oskar is always lots of fun.

The food tastes better when you make it together.

Happy birthday, Ajksa (that's how I call him) and his mum!

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