Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Finally free to leave the house

Once I got better and was ready to leave the house, it was good to catch up with my old pals.
Charlotte and I had fun playing with her cat and climbing up and down the stairs in her house. Oskar and I went to see Blackheath Winter Wonderland and had a hay fight there. Ethan and I made pizza together and both wanted some of my toys at the same time.
It was my mum's birthday on Sunday and daddy and I woke her up with a candle and Sto lat, which we sang over and over again that day. She was very happy!
In the evening we met auntie Christine and went to an Indian and Nepalese restaurant in Blackheath, which we will definitely visit again as both the food and service were very good. Happy birthday, mum! xx

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