Monday, 29 December 2014

I am 2

Time flies and I am two already!
We started the day with a slow breakfast and a train journey to Greenwich. It was a chilly morning but it was very sunny at the same time.
There we met up with Oskar and his mum and went on a ferry to central London.
We had a most fantastic time driving buses at Transport Museum and erm... throwing around rice in a resturant. Afterwards we took a ferry back to Greenwich. I had a nap on the way home in my first London cab.
Just before going to bed, there was a very fruity birthday cake with candles and Sto lat waiting for me. I helped mum make the cake, of course. It was a wonderful day!
By the way, have you noticed that I do not part with a kitten I got from auntie Maggie and uncle Will for Christmas? She goes EVERYWHERE with me!


  1. We're so sorry that we missed the birthday itself, but we're very glad you had such a good day. I think your parents must have enjoyed it almost as much as you. We all send you late birthday greetings and look forward to seeing your photos in 2015, and perhaps, better still, seeing you in person! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE!

  2. Thank you, auntie! It was a fabulous day indeed. I can't wait to see all of you either. :-) Lots of love, Natalie xxx