Wednesday, 17 December 2014

No-one knows

Some of you know that I have been poorly recently. Thank goodness I'm on the mend now so you should see a little bit more activity here on the blog. Today's pictures were taken over a week ago when we met up with my parents' friends from Krakow in South Bank, which used to be their favourite hangout before they moved out of central London.
Every time you walk along South Bank, you have to visit Tate Modern, of course. 
It's a perfect spot for toddlers to run around.
No-one knows what this piece of contemporary really is.
But it doesn't matter, it looks good.
If all of a sudden my parents think they've lost me, all they have to do is look for the nearest staircase.
When it gets a little bit colder, we tend to do more things locally but it felt so good to be able to admire that view again after a break.

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