Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mother tongue

I'm a toddler so it's not surprising that I take great interest in communicating with the world around me via spoken language.
It all started with some sounds, then words and now you can hear me uttering a whole sentence. It's fun repeating things that other people say and trying to say things on my own.

Here are some recent words that my parents had to take some time to decipher to get what I wanted to say: 
nenetki = książeczki (books), 
nafki = truskawki (strawberries), 
kutina = cukinia (courgette), 
niki = naleśniki (pancakes), 
lebatka = herbatka (tea), 
safotek = szlafroczek (dressing gown), 
toski = cążki (nail clipper), 
fyscy = wszyscy (everyone), 
skotone = skończone (finished). 
I think you're going to like this one - Ksysiu, which means Krzysiu, my dad's first name.

And of course, I'm going to leave a few of my recent sentences here. 
Tunia pije mletko mamusi. (Natalie is drinking mummy's milk.) 
Fyscy piją mleczko. (Everyone is drinking milk.) 
Babcia kupi zegalek. Kupi Tuni. (Nan is going to buy Natalie a watch.) 
Tata! Jeszcze plosimy. Czekamy. (Dad! We'd like some more. We're waiting.)
Tunia cina mapce włosy. (Natalie is cutting monkey's hair.) To jest mamusia. (This is mummy.) 
Brakuje Tuni. Tunia poszedł indzie. (Natalie's missing. She's off somewhere.) 
Tunia kocha tatusia. (Natalie loves daddy.) 
Co to jest? (What is this?)