Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Stuck at home

I've been unwell again so mummy and I've spent a lot of time indoors recently. The good thing is we made a few art projects and our flat looks a bit like a gallery at the moment.

We started with painting with bubble wrap.

 Then we used cellophane to make a stained-glass window.

 We also froze paint to make pictures with paintsicles.
We made a number of new dishes together such as home made pizza, which was very yummy. I helped put ingredients into the bread maker, watched the dough get bigger and bigger and put some veg on top of it.

I also experimented with food and made my own raisin tea and blueberry jam.
Everyone was surprised when I made chmuly (clouds) with corn puff-its. I guess I just long to go outside now and admire them for real, not just through the window. Please keep your fingers crossed so I can get better and leave the house soon.