Friday, 30 January 2015

January in the woods

As I was unwell and had to stay at home for quite of bit of this month, I did only some of our play sessions in the woods. Here are some photos and things we wrote that happened during our sessions.
1. It was a very sunny start to the year for our playgroup. Some hats were taken off and some coats were unzipped. Massive puddles were enjoyed by both children and adults. Little hands got very, very muddy! A number of sticks and leaves were picked up and explored. Some treasures included an oak leaf stuck to the hat, moss covered tree bark and the drumming of two busy woodpeckers. We were searching for bugs underneath a log and a horse was spotted trotting along another log. A hut made of branches was a great place for twisting screws and looking through the windows. A tiny baby slept peacefully during our walk in the woods. It was fantastic to see a few new children attending the session. 

2. It was a warm, sunny morning for today’s forest explorers. A massive stick and a mud-covered stone were found and carried around for a while. Blackberry vines with thorns were investigated. You could hear a cheerful peek-a-boo from behind a large tree stump. There were muddy wellies, trousers, jackets, hats, hands, everything! A tiny welly got stuck in the muddy puddle. A few loud parrots were spotted high up the trees. There was so much going on in the woods this morning, no wonder a curious little baby girl woke up ready for exploration.

3. A great number of obstacles on our way this morning. There was a lot of log climbing and passing under low branches. At one point the mud was thick and very sticky underfoot but somehow we managed to squelch through it. The children were captivated by holly leaves for a little while. As usual, we could hear the squawking of the emerald parakeets in a few spots. It was a cold morning but we did catch a glimpse of sunshine at the end of our walk in the woods.

Reconnecting with nature is great!