Sunday, 22 February 2015

Snow, theatre and one hungry squirrel

I've been very lucky this month as Nan came over with a visit. We had a great time together! There was a lot going on: walking in the park, shopping for clothes and food, making and eating pierogi (Polish dumplings), playing with my soft toys and reading books. 

We found real snow on our balcony one day and I discovered what happens to it when it gets warmer.
We also went to the theatre to see "Handa's Surprise".
It was my second visit to the theatre, the first one being "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" earlier this year, which was absolutely amazing.
I love the book the show was based on and the performance was also memorable. 
Look, it's the same!
The actors were singing like angels, I could touch the fruit and see African animal puppets and mummy and I danced on stage after the show.

One day we went to a different park in our area. I spent ages on the swing. It's my favourite thing to do at the playground at the moment.
We brought some nuts for the squirrels in the park. Would you believe that I got scratched by one? From now on I will always remember to throw the nut onto the ground and not hold on to it with a hungry squirrel around!