Saturday, 28 February 2015

February in the woods

There aren't many pictures from our first session and I spent most of the time in my carrier. It was definitely what I needed that day. :-)
1. Plenty of sunshine in Oxleas Wood this morning! We were walking slowly through brambles and muddy paths though there was a lot less mud than last week. A hollow tree was discovered and explored from the inside. An intriguing, wooden animal was spotted by our base. We were lucky enough to capture it on camera. What will we see in the woods next Friday? 

2. No drop of rain but it was a little windy this morning. Trees were hugged, twigs were shaken and logs were stroked. A special stick was carried during the walk to our camp. Water and leaves were found in a hole at the bottom of a tree. Leaves were great to lie on! On the way back, we were looking for a crocodile that hid in a stream. We might find it next time maybe?

3. It felt much warmer than the weather forecast’s 7 degrees so a couple of hats went off straightaway of course. The walk to the camp took us through some muddy leaves and huge puddles so we were holding hands at times to support each other. Little heads were turning where parakeets were squawking between tall trees. Logs were climbed and walked under, which was accompanied by a lot of joy and laughter. A game of peek-a-boo was played behind a tree. A baby girl fell onto a leafy carpet. Oh, and no crocodile again. Will you join us next Friday? 

4. It’s been our warmest session so far! Lots of mud squelching underfoot on our way to the camp. A piece of bark was picked up and studied and a worm was spotted on the ground. We listened to the sound a dry oak leaf makes when torn over and over again. A hazel tree with catkins galore and tiny pink flowers as well as buttercups underneath captured our attention for ages. Lying in the grass in the sunshine was a must.

When did you last go to the woods?