Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March in the woods

1. A truly wonderful day! Believe it or not, we left Oxleas Meadow at… 5pm and that should tell you how much fun we all had. :-) Sticks were dipped in the water, wellies got very wet and muddy and one face was painted with mud. A footbridge was carefully used to cross the stream. Playing shop was spotted on one very special fallen tree, can you find it among the photos? When you look around, you can clearly see that the woods are waking up, with lots of tiny buds and shoots. 

2. Can you believe that it was so sunny in the woods yesterday that one of the mums got a bit sunburnt? The walk was very slow as there was a lot of climbing, balancing and exploring on the way. Child-chosen activities included working out that a root is part of the tree, stick-fighting just for fun and discovering new paths. Some of us were looking for owls everywhere but all we found were noisy parakeets. There was a big splash when a child fell off the footbridge into a deep muddy puddle. When they became a little tired, children sat down by the tree to have a rest. Two little ones were spotted holding hands while walking back home. Again, it was very hard to leave the woods.