Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Our last day of Acorns

Our last session of Acorns playgroup took place today. Both mummy and I enjoyed the peaceful time we spent there.
We always followed the same structure. Upon entering the door, I'd hand over a vegetable for the soup and mum would get a lovely tea. Then I'd play with toys made from natural materials, e.g. wooden blocks or animal toys made of wool.
After that we'd make bread. We'd knead, roll and make it into various shapes.
Once I spent half an hour working on my bun.
Sometimes we'd do arts and crafts instead. Recently mummy made this little house out of felt. Can you see the thread in the middle of the house? I just took over the project and finished it off. Then we'd tidy up after play and sing beautiful nursery rhymes in a circle. Some of my favourites include "Down is the earth" and "Mummy and daddy and auntie Con". Afterwards it was time to wash our hands and eat vegetable soup that was made on the site when we were playing. I loved to pick up bits of kale and potato out of it and mummy started to make the soup at home. By the way, she helped with the soup for a term recently.
The last two parts of the session were outdoor play in the garden and story time inside.
The garden wasn't huge but it had two huts, a sandpit and some plants. Perfect! The story time was always about the season we were in and the leader used very pretty dolls and animals and fabric for it. In short, Acorns was a magical place for us for well over a year and I'm sure we'll miss it. On the other hand, it feels like it is time to move on. Hope to be back there one day.

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